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While your choice to watch the best Telugu dubbed film, it must be ‘KanuluKanulanuDochayante’ one among that Telugu dubbed best films in recent times.  The film remains best among new Telugu movies and also remains one of the best movies by Dulquer Salman.  If you missed this film in theatres, there is an OTT called Aha providing this film on demand.  Aha is the exclusive Telugu OTT platform.  It has many popular new Telugu movies. The aha videos added the KanuluKanulanuDochayante movie in their movie library.  Let’s check the story, artists’ performance, technicalities, highlights and cast and crew.


Siddartha (Dulquer) and Kalis (Rakshan) are good friends enjoying a happy life by making money through online fraud.  Siddharth falls in love with traditional orphan girl Meera (RituVerma) who has good practices.  After a big scam and making good money, Siddhartha and Kallis go there to settle down in Goa with their lovers.  Those who went to Goa will be caught by the police (Gowtam Vasudeva Menon).  What kind of turns did their life take after that? What happened to Meera and his girlfriend who went with him? How did Sidhu and Meera’s love story finally end? Must see on screen.

Artistes’ Performances:

Dulquer Salman’s performance as an intelligent techie who plans every fraud very cleverly is great.  He is very handsome in this movie.  Rakshan, played by a friend who can be as long as the hero, is a good supporter of the film.  His acting as a friend who accompanies the hero in the scams is very natural.  As well as the situational comedy he does, the timing punches are hilarious.

RituVerma, who got a good role after a long time, was impressed.  As a traditional young lady, she showed some nice variations in a role with two different shades as a modern lady. Niranjani, who played her friend, impressed in the role.

Director Gautam Vasudeva Menon appeared in a serious intense look as a police officer.  His Body Language, Attitude fit the character perfectly.  He is added an attraction to this film. Browse Aha videos forLatest Telugu Movies today!


The Songs that fit the situation, background music elevates the scenes.  The camera work is super.  Cameraman Creativity appears in most of the shots.  The editing also went well with the story.  Production values ​​are superior.

The director is good at mixing love emotions into things like online e-commerce scams and high-tech cheating that are happening at the same time.  As well as the story, the articles are new.


Superb Direction and gripping screenplay makes everyone eye lock to the screen.  It is a new age crime thriller.  The comedy and romance comes within the situations only.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Dulquer Salman, Rhitu Varma, Rakshan, Goutam Vasudeva Menon, Niranjani, etc

Screenplay & Dialogues: DesinghPeriyasamy

Cinematography:K. M. Bhaskaran

Music:            HarshavardhanRameshwar

Producer:Anto Joseph


It is a New Age crime drama based on the current situation. Truly the scams committed by customers in the online business are said to be logical.

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Importance of knowing Roulette tips

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In the United States, cocaine abuse remains a big public health issue. Even though many patients who rely on cocaine respond successfully to addiction therapy, conventional psycho-social care is not appropriate for many.

The development of an appropriate drug to combat dependency is also a research priority. Advances in studying cocaine abuse neurobiology have culminated in the discovery of some good therapies that have now produced promising effects in controlled clinical trials.

The existence of symptoms of cocaine withdrawal can make a period of initial abstinence difficult for cocaine users. The effects of cocaine withdrawal include dysphoric mod, and tiredness. In some trials, patients who undergo medication with extreme cocaine withdrawal signs have found to be more likely than other patients to leave prematurely and are less able to maintain cocaine abstention in outpatient.

Treatment Included

We must continue to strengthen and improve these programmes to support addicts, and this is where we come in. We help you find the exact cure for any form of Cocaine detox Arizona when you call the centre to be treated

  • Propranolol- Propranolol, the beta-blocker, seems to be promising for the treatment of patients who have extreme withdrawal effects with cocaine. Beta blocker is used mainly to treat angina and high blood pressure, but it is also used to control anxiety and restlessness.
  • GABA B agonist used for muscle relaxing is baclofen. As a GABA agonist, baclofen can reduce the amount of dopamine emanated from cocaine stimulus or cocaine crave into the nucleus.
  • Tiagabine is another GABAergic drug that could promise cocaine dependency therapy. Tiagabine is a GABA reuptake transmitter style selective blocker and is currently approved for seizure control.
  • Topiramate can be a fine complementary preventive drug dependent on its effects on both GABA and glutamate neurotransmission. Topiramate raises GABA’s cortical levels and allows GABA neurotransmission simpler

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 Growth potential:

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Yogyakarta is a gorgeous location in Indonesia in which it is possible to spend a couple of days with your family and friends on holiday. The food is excellent, the people are friendly, and the countryside is scenic and magnificent. Quite near Borobudur, this renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site can also be referred to as Jogja. It’s a sprawling city in Java. There are various places to see in Yogyakarta on your visit to Indonesia in 2020.

Taman Sari Water Castle

Also referred to as the Water Castle, Taman Sari — A Yogyakarta tourism gem is a former royal castle at the Kraton district which was formerly the authentic imperial palace in itself. It’s but one of many popular historical places in Yogyakarta which you definitely have to see. Taman Sari is split into four distinct areas, the most fascinating of these being the bathing place. This region is tough to overlook, being the very first part you’ll enter.  

It comprises two quite big pools of water, each split by an impressive 3-storey watchtower. As you venture further into the beautiful surrounding gardens, then you’ll walk past another highlight of this imperial complex: the underground mosque. You’ll need to walk down a steep flight of stairs and find your way through a pair of tunnels which open onto a central courtyard and a gorgeous mosque.

Hutan Pinus Mangunan

A relatively new addition into the very best places to go to at Yogyakarta, Pinus Pengger is only an hours drive from Yogyakarta city centre. It’s a cute and unique woods themed park which has interesting sculptures like The racket that is Instagram worthy and also an excellent spot to click some memorable selfies, particularly during sunset.  

We strongly advise using a secondhand car or motorbike because this place is from this Uber working zone. Though at the outskirts of town, Pinus Pengger is still among the most incredible places to see near Yogyakarta.

Kalibiru Kulonprogo

No visit to Yogyakarta is complete without a visit to Kalibiru park. Tourists get to enjoy fantastic views and click on classic photos at the side where props are installed! You may, however, need to pay a charge of approximately 10,000 IDR for clicking on a shot at every spot. Renting a cab from Yogyakarta city is your ideal alternative as the last leg to Kalibiru could be somewhat steep for a bicycle.

The Hindu Prambanan Temple

Wondering what to find in Yogyakarta when sorting out your itinerary- be sure to include the remarkable Prambanan temple on your own plans. This enormous and exceptional Roman complex consists of many smaller temples put around the primary cluster. Every one of the temples is a bit more different from one another and yet beautiful in its manner. This temple is a superb illustration of Hindu Architecture and brings several architectures and history fans.

Sewu Temple Yogyakarta

Whilst many areas of the complex are undergoing recovery, the best-preserved construction which stands tall and high at the three antennae temple complex with Prambanan temple would be the Sewu Temple also called Sewu Chandi. Two giant figurines will welcome you in the entry and also direct your way towards the primary shrine. Chandi Sewu is reported to be the 2nd biggest Buddhist temple complex in all of Java and is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic places to see in Yogyakarta.

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Why you have to see Solo? For most people, Solo or Surakarta is similar to the calmer and more laidback version of Yogyakarta. Before, Solo has functioned as Central Java’s cradle of civilization and mythology and serves as a residence for members of the ruling dynasty of central Java. Two imperial palaces, the Keraton Surakarta and the Mangkunegaran Palace stay here from this last age of imperial dynasties in Indonesia. Despite course, Solo isn’t only about its history. We record your reasons why you need to cover this town on a trip every once in a while.

Kampung Batik Laweyan And Kauman

Solo, is the house of a few of the prevalent and cherished kinds of batik, Batik Solo. Solo is also the home of some of the very popular kampung batik or batik villages. You’ll discover original batik homes that sell mainstream and original batik designs in most potential budget, layout, and forms. Batik Village Kauman is the most pleasant to explore by foot, with its narrow streets and laid-back charm.

In the previous times, Kauman is where the Abdi Dalem (faithful servants of the royal household), which were specially made to make batik, dwelt. Whereas Laweyan, is a great neighborhood that was delegated by the authorities for a batik destination to the city, also has innumerable batik homes though best explored by becak, bike, or car.

KeratonKasunanan Surakarta

Contrary to their counterpart at Yogyakarta, who utilizes the name of the sultanate rulers of Surakarta, use Sunan’s name and its own palace smaller compared to Yogyakarta palace. It’s still home to the Surakarta royal household. A more European-style decoration was added by rich rulers in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The entry to the Kraton Surakarta opens to the Alun Alun, where its principal audience hall (Pagelaran) is situated.

DanarHadi Batik Museum

This museum retains over 10,000 batik pieces from several periods and ethnic influences from all around the world. However, among the essential groups is a selection of batik Belanda (Dutch Batik), which was created from most Dutch people during their job in the colonial moment.

Surprisingly, the batiks are a private group of H. SantosaDoella, owner of Batik DanarHadi, among the earliest and most recognized batik manufacturers in the nation. You could even see their batik factory to find out how large scale batik is generated.

Cetho Temple

Cetho is just one of many temples constructed on the northeast slopes of Mount Lawu from the fifteenth century. By this moment, Javanese faith and artwork had diverged from Indian precepts, which was influential in temple fashions throughout the 8-10th century. This region was the last important temple construction area in Java before the island courts converted to Islam in the 16th century.

The temple is still employed by the encompassing staying Hindunese individuals or pilgrims from different regions to worship and as a meditation area from the followers of Kejawen (Javanese spiritual tradition).

Pura Mangkunegaran

Architecturally, this palace has been constructed to resemble the Keraton or Javanese court, even though a much bigger one. The palace was Constructed in 1757 by Raden Mas Said when he filed his military to Pakubuwono III in February. He also declared allegiance to the rulers of Surakarta, Yogyakarta, and the Dutch East Indies Company.

What is intriguing about this particular palace is that nearly the whole palace area has been constructed with real teak wood. This palace offers quite the assortment of conventional masks from around Indonesian as well as China. It’s ideal for learning more about the palace with a tour guide.

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