March 2021


Powdery mildew, aphids, and snails make life difficult for gardeners. But you can fight most pests or diseases naturally with simple home remedies – or life hacks – without resorting to the chemical club. In this way, you protect not only your wallet but also the environment, you should as well call for inspections from time to time

  1. Soap Or Coffee Against Aphids

Aphids like to attack ornamental and valuable plants and are among the most common pests in this country. But fighting them is very easy.

Mix two teaspoons of soft soap (available from drugstores) with one liter of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the affected areas with it – repeat from time to time if necessary. A strong coffee not only combats tiredness in the morning it also helps against nasty aphids. Mix a strong coffee with a few drops of washing-up liquid and spray the plants with it.

  1. Milk Against Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that causes a lot of trouble for the affected plants. If a plant is infected, the affected areas, such as the leaves, must be removed immediately. As a rule, they can no longer be saved. The rest of the plant, however, does. All you need is a treatment with milk which can help in pest prevention. Mix some fresh cow’s milk in a ratio of 1: 8 with water and spray the affected plant with it. Repeat the process regularly.

  1. Coconut Oil Against Ticks

Those who work a lot in the garden should protect themselves from ticks. A natural defense agent is coconut oil, which you can find in the supermarket. Rub it into your body, and you can start working. A positive side effect: the oil cares for the skin at the same time.

  1. Sawdust against snails

If you want to protect your plants from snails, you can easily use sawdust. Sprinkle these around the plant. As a rule, the snails will not cross the “barrier.”

Most of us prefer to work from home (ทำงาน ที่ บ้าน, which is the term in Thai) in half of the days instead of taking a sudden sick leave or giving certain other excuses. However, we never really imagined that we would spend almost a whole year, staying locked in our houses as a result of the outbreak of a pandemic. 

While many started to love this idea of work from home in the initial days, most of us got tired and sulky because of not being able to walk out according to our wish. And as we don’t know yet when things are going to get back to normal, let us go through some ways to improve your home office.

Choose The Right Area Cautiously

If you are living with your kids and spouse or other roommates, make sure to have some privacy. Moreover, a quiet place is extremely needed for working dedicatedly. 

And there are several perks of living in a condo. You can easily manage to shift to a room that will let you work peacefully away from the hustle of the other members of the house. You can also choose to close the door of your room while working as it will reduce the external noise highly.

Consider Your Needs

Depending on your profession, the needs of your office need to be sorted out accordingly. If you are working in an IT company or if you need to use a laptop or computer, it is ideal to use a small desk for placing your device on that. 

Whereas if you are a graphical designer or consultant, you are going to need a much longer desk as you need an additional area for working freely. Sort out your needs first as to give your best, you do need to access all the needed resources. 

Keep Aside The Electronic Gadgets Like Smartphones And Tablets At The Time Of Working

We tend to get distracted easily when we are not under someone’s constant supervision. And hence, you need to take care of your gadgets in a proper way so that you don’t end up wasting your crucial working hours doing nothing. 

Keep the smartphones and other devices out of your room. Even though we tend to make certain calls while working. But make it a habit to take small breaks and make all the necessary calls at that span. In that way, your work schedule won’t get hampered in any way. 


You can have huge freedom while working from home which you don’t seem to get when you are working in the office. Hence, manage your time well and make sure to work and enjoy your free time thoroughly!

Ground granulated blastfurnace slag (GGBS) is a hydraulic binder, i.e. a cement, which has actually been recognized as well as made use of for 150 years. It boosts the high quality as well as resilience of concrete, as well as its manufacturing is basically CO2-free. Its several benefits in creating lasting, high-grade concrete continue to be underappreciated as well as underused.

In a progressively resource-constrained as well as ecologically aware globe, all that will transform.

Top quality, lasting concrete
Blastfurnaces generate pig iron, along with a slag byproduct: a securely managed as well as steady product with the exact same components, though in various percentages, to typical cement. If the slag is glazed by quick quenching as it originates from the blastfurnace, its cementitious high qualities are maintained.

Dried out and also ground to a great powder, GGBS can be made use of to make top quality, lasting concrete. To guarantee its activation, ggbfs suppliers in saudiarabia is usually utilized with regular cement. It will usually change 30 – 70% of cement on an equivalent weight basis.

Decrease in CARBON DIOXIDE exhausts
The manufacture of typical cement (CEM I of EN 197) leads to the discharge of 930 kg of CO2/t of cement (British Cement Organization, 2009): around 50% from decarbonation of the sedimentary rock basic material (procedure exhausts), 40% from nonrenewable fuel source usage, as well as 10% from producing the power utilized while doing so.

GGBS manufacture commonly launches 35 kg of CO2/t of GGBS: less than 4% of the carbon impact of regular cement.

Solar reflectance
Concrete made with GGBS will certainly have a high solar reflectance: research studies in the United States have actually revealed rises of 20% in representation of sunshine by concrete with GGBS. This will certainly lower the “warm island” impact in metropolitan growths, along with having various other valuable impacts (minimized demand for man-made illumination in the evening, much safer roadways from much better presence). Dramatically, the mirrored sunshine is not infrared radiation, therefore will certainly not be caught by the pollution of the planet’s environment.

Resilience is vital to the lengthy life span of concrete In practice, concrete will certainly weaken with time. The aspects driving this damage can be inner (e.g. alkali-silica response) or as a result of outside hostile atmospheres (e.g. sulfate assault, or the results of chlorides on strengthened concrete).

GGBS considerably boosts the capacity of concrete to stand up to wear and tear from all significant dangers to lengthy life span. Needing using GGBS is currently developed ideal method where lengthy life span need to be accomplished, also in one of the most hostile atmospheres. GGBS concrete will certainly also offer much better fire resistance.

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GGBS in concrete.
GGBS can be made use of in concrete as GGBS or as CEM IIIs (mixes of cement and also GGBS permitted under EN 197). There is no technological basis under which to choose one alternative or the various other: as soon as in concrete, the GGBS acts the exact same, irrespective of whether or not it was formerly blended with cement.

Utilizing GGBS has 2 benefits over CEM IIIs: the concrete maker can optimize the percentage of GGBS according to the technical/environmental demands to be fulfilled; as well as GGBS delivered straight to the concrete plant will certainly have reduced personified CARBON DIOXIDE (staying clear of power usage in added transportation to/from the cement plant as well as mixing in a cement plant). For the most affordable personified CARBON DIOXIDE, GGBS usage is to be favored.

The everyday life of people is highly stressful and challenging, taking a break is good for everyone. If one can enjoy their time and also earn money, wouldn’t that be the best thing? Judi online or online gambling can give this experience to you.

Online poker games are being welcomed by several people. This is mainly because it can be played even when the player is alone. The player will get to compete with fellow players online. As the game begins, one will explore it completely. The game will gradually become interesting and exciting. Poker has been one of the most sought games for several years. When it is played online, the excitement doubles.

Why Judi Online?

Judi online or online gambling is the best way to entertain oneself. It is reliable and preferred by many. However, it is reliable only when it is played on a well-built website. On other sites, there are issues like security trouble, safety vulnerability. Gambling on a reputable website is a great way to enjoy the game completely. The user interface on the site is built in such a way to support all players. Such sites use safe servers to connect the players to the game. This will not raise any kind of legal issues in the future too. The terms, rules, and conditions on the website are transparent and responsive.

Gambling is preferred by people for one more reason. It has the option of changing players with multiplayer gameplay. So the game does not require any special admin control. This is a good option for players who are finding the game difficult in the beginning. This is very similar to poker that is played in real life. The player will get all the chances to either win or lose. Every game has some rules and regulations to be followed and the same is with this game too.

How It Works 

The website will help the player in understanding the rules of the game and players can take help from the support team whenever necessary. Judi online is completely safe as the information shared through chats, while registration etc are all kept safe. These are stored in separate databases to help the functioning of the site.

This information is used by the website to initiate transactions and to navigate the player throughout the game. This is all done quickly and simultaneously as the website has a legal provider so players can experience the game entirely. There are no hidden charges used by the website. All activities and functions are carried out transparently. The player just has to register and enjoy gambling without interruptions.

These are the features and functions of online Judi. That is why it’s gaining immense popularity among both old and new players. We also guarantee to give complete protection to all the data that is collected from a player. So, with the website that values the customers the most, we give all players an amazing gaming feel.

Bitcoin trading is gaining a lot of popularity every day because many people are entering the world of cryptocurrency after realizing the importance and advantages provided by it. This particular concept is very much trending but also it is very much important for people to have proper access to a very safe and secure trading platform so that they can enjoy the trading services in a better way and can achieve their overall goals efficiently.

  • Following are the top five advantages of bitcoin trading:

    It is important for the people to have transparency of information which is possible with this:
    The top-notch quality of everybody in the whole world of investments is the transparency of information which further make sure that people will be having proper access to the information and can make the transactions with full freedom all the time. This is the best reason why people are investing their funds into bitcoin trading.
  • There is a higher level of freedom to make payments: Another very important reason why people are investing their funds into this particular system is that there will be complete freedom of making payments and people can easily send or receive bitcoin payments at any point of time and at anywhere without any kind of limitations. In this way, people can also choose to get on their hands on bitcoin very easily and efficiently.
  • There will be higher level of security as well as control: One of the most important advantages associated with bitcoin trading is that there will be a higher level of security as well as control in the whole process which will further make sure that people will be availing multiple advantages very easily and will be undertaking thought of actions very well. There will be a high level of security to every user in the world of bitcoin trading which will further allow them to have the best possible control over the whole system and handle the finances perfectly.
  • Everything is based upon a very low or no fees element: One of the most important advantages associated with bitcoin trading is that everything will be based upon low or no fees element in the whole process and every transaction will be performed very easily and efficiently. Hence, the traders will be saving a lot of money in the whole system which they can utilize in the future to trade accordingly and deal with other things perfectly.
  • There will be fewer risks: All the people who are looking to make money in this particular field always prefer bitcoin trading because it comes with a very low risk element and every transaction is based upon bitcoin Block chain technology which further makes sure that everything will be taken complete advantage of in the whole process so that people gain dependency upon a higher level of transparency very easily and efficiently. In this way personal and financial information of the individuals will be kept safe and private all the time.

    Hence, bitcoin trading will always allow people to indulge in the right kind of technical analysis and make the best possible decisions all the time.