Your big party is planned, you are full of anticipation. Everything is organized: the location, the food, the photographer, the music, the wedding speaker. The invitation cards have been sent, the rings fit perfectly, the wedding dress and suit are hanging in the closet. Yes, even the honeymoon is booked.

The most popular wedding songs

No wedding without music. But which songs are most popular with Swiss wedding couples? As specialists for free weddings, they want to know exactly and record year after year the sound to which couples say yes. After three years as number 1, John Legend had to give up his top position this year. The bride and groom most often accompanied their wedding with the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran how fitting! These are the Top Charts 2020:

Some smell the scent of incense when they hear the word “ritual”, others have no idea what exactly is behind it. The all-clear in advance: This is not hocus-pocus. We explain how rituals can enrich a wedding. A ritual is an act that celebrates and expresses something special. Words are irrelevant; it’s about the symbolism and the meaning of the action.

The exchange of wedding rings

The most famous wedding ritual is the ring swap. Just as the ring has no end, so should the love for one another be endless and constant. Wearing it on the left ring finger also symbolizes the direct connection to the heart.

The ring swap is a classic ritual that is often part of free ceremonies. However, the concrete implementation is very individual. Some couples don’t exchange rings but choose a different item to express their bond. Or the rings slide first, threaded on a beautiful ribbon, along all the guests. On the way, they symbolically give their wishes for the couple along the way. In addition, the guests become part of the ring symbolism and are all connected to each other and to the bridal couple by the ribbon. The Morganite Rings would be the best solution there.

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Personal reference

There are no limits to the design of rituals. It becomes particularly enriching when actions with personal reference are integrated. A suitable ritual not only enhances the ceremony, it may also create something sustainable. It’s a kind of souvenir that reminds of the wedding day and the marriage vows.

For example, a couple was handling the Bunsen burner at a ceremony: the wine lovers sealed a good bottle of Bordeaux in a box together with their promise of marriage. If this is doubted in the future, the motto Rain makes the grass grow, wine makes the conversation applies. Have them take out the box, read the vows and discuss what stands between them over a glass of wine.

Rituals express what words cannot so quickly and easily. And it is well known that expressing love in words is difficult. Hence, it stands to reason that rituals are perfect for weddings. Rituals can be sophisticated and complex. But you don’t have to. It is important that the ritual fits the bride and groom and that they feel the meaning in it. Hocus pocus is not behind it. As ceremony leaders, however, we love to conjure up individual rituals and thus create a special experience that will be remembered.

An even more personal ceremony

As the leader of the ceremony, our aim is always to put the couple and their very personal story at the center of the action. We do individual, tailor-made ceremonies that cannot be copied. A ceremony becomes even more personal when friends and family members are involved.

Wedding without a wedding ring: five alternatives

Many married couples wear wedding rings as a symbol of their bond. The circular shape stands for the infinity of their love. Five alternatives show that a ring on the finger is not the only sign of eternal love.

A lack of precious metal on the ring finger does not indicate that the person in question is unmarried. While some couples forego a symbolic sign of love entirely, others choose one of the following five alternatives:


A chain around the wrist is prominently placed and, like the classic wedding ring, always in view. In addition, the symbolism of a ribbon is synonymous with that of the ring. A bracelet leaves a lot of freedom in terms of material and design. In addition to precious metals, leather is also popular. Individual engraving is possible on both. Those who take the “tie the knot” literally at the wedding can tie their own bracelets. This can be integrated as part of a ritual in the ceremony.


It’s a fancy idea for people who like to wear shirts in everyday life. This is always in your own field of vision but still discreet. The variety is almost infinite and goldsmiths are now offering individual one-off items again, as cufflinks have become more popular in recent years.


A watch is primarily functional and practical, but we also wear it as a piece of jewelry around the wrist. Why not combine the practical with symbolic power and turn the watch into a “wedding ring”? The watch can be personalized with an engraving.


Especially brave and pain-free couples not only swear eternal love, but also set a symbol for eternity with a tattoo. Not only rings or symbols on the finger are tattooed. Some have elaborate tattoos on other parts of the body as proof of love.


Although a chain around the neck is less in view than a ring or bracelet, it is all the closer to the heart. Some also choose this variant to wear the classic wedding ring strung on a necklace. By the way: Historically, the man presented the wedding ring to his wife to prove to her that he had received her dowry. No matter what couples choose, today it is a purely visual symbol of their bond.


The civil marriage is mandatory, which is why every bride and groom must go to the registry office in order to get married. This type of marriage can also be completely sufficient for pragmatic couples; after all, not everyone is into exuberant romance. For all those who want to make their wedding more individual or more solemn, there are church and free weddings to select. The church wedding has the advantage that it is particularly solemn and also enables people of faith to be married before God. The free wedding, on the other hand, is even more individual and can be designed by the bride and groom in exactly the way they want. So whether you’re wedding is religious or secular and where the focus is, is determined by the bride and groom.

If you’re a highly regarded fashion icon, What better way to advertise your brand than by wearing it yourself? Victoria Beckham is all head up high when she travels around town but instead of donning expensive brands, she opts to wear her own.

Recently, former Posh Spice was seen heading to Prada and MiuMiu shops in New York. She was in her usual stylish chic get-up – a grey checked dress, a maroon cardigan, a stunning crocodile bag (also from her collection) and a pair of elegantly square-framed sunglasses from the Victoria Beckham collection, similar in design to the timeless Wayfarer model from Ray-Ban Sunglasses. The sunglasses had grey lenses and pink frames. It was very feminine and chic – very Victoria Beckham. This style is best for women who have round and oval faces. The mother-of-four concealed her identity in this pair of oversized sunglasses as she went for her MiuMiu and Prada grabs.

Looks like music is not the only thing that Kylie Minogue and Lindsay Lohan share in common. Recently, both were seen wearing exactly the same coat. But while people mocked La Lohan for what seemed like a major coat disaster, the paparazzi can’t help but admire 43-year-old Kylie’s dressing style. She paired the same poodle coat with a pair of stunning black knee-high boots and tortoiseshell Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Her dark Wayfarers accentuated her outfit. It also fit her face shape perfectly. The Wayfayrer is best for people who have round and oval faces. This sunglass can also be worn with different types of outfits – whether casual like Kylie’s or with a little black dress at a formal event.


Moissanite is a lab-created gemstone that looks exactly like a diamond. Many people like to use it as an alternative to a diamond ring. The brilliance of the moissanite depends on its cut and shape. Because it looks like a real diamond and it is affordable and has a great demand in the market.

Moissanite engagement rings are available online

To choose beautiful moissanite engagement rings, you need to check out the online sites. There are many websites available where you can purchase your own moissanite ring. In order to have a perfect engagement ring, you can choose a perfect setting with a perfect stone. The prices are always mentioned on the website and it depends on the weight of the gemstone. There are lots of moissanite rings you can choose from. If you have no time to shop for roaming around the jewelry store, you can easily purchase it online.

The price

All the rings are offered at a reasonable price and it is delivered at your address easily. There are no shipping charges and they even have an easy return policy. It is convenient and easy to search for it online and order it. You can compare the prices that are given on various sites. There are more unique designs and styles one can choose from through online websites.

The material

You can even get your moissanite ring to customize according to your preference. You need to mention the setting of the stone and the material. There are different materials like gold, silver, and platinum. The price of the ring depends on the type of material that you choose. For example, the platinum moissanite engagement ring is a bit costly rather than the other two.

Moissanite Engagement Rings Are The Popular Diamond Alternative You Should  Consider

Moissanite and Diamonds

The look of the ring depends on the cut of the gemstone. There are different cuts available that you can purchase according to your preference. The shape of the gemstone that you want to set on your ring will ultimately decide the whole look of your engagement ring. Many people compare the diamonds with moissanite gemstone. The diamonds are known to be the hardest gemstone.

But the moissanite gemstone can live up to the same kind of expectation. It is similarly durable and it can be used as daily wear. There are many women who prefer to wear a nice piece of jewelry on a daily basis. It is an ideal choice for them to wear moissanite rings. These stones have a greenish hue if noticed perfectly. Women love to wear different colored moissanite rings.

Piece of art

The craftsman is widely using moissanite these days to make engagement rings because of its huge demand. It has become quite popular among buyers. Besides moissanite engagement rings, there are different pieces of jewelry is like necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and other types of rings. The moissanite rings are not only tough and durable, but you can expect a range of designs and styles with the gemstone.

It can be used to almost wear it anywhere you want. The low price and the features make it a great option for most buyers to opt for it. Especially for the couples who are trying to purchase their engagement rings is undoubtedly a great option for the couples. It is an attractive piece of jewelry that all wants to purchase.

Purchasing an engagement ring for your engagement

Purchasing an engagement ring is a personal and unique experience. It is something memorable and you want to purchase the best gift for your beloved. It is something that is going to stay between the couple throughout their lives. It must be special to choose a moissanite engagement ring. It is a good decision as it won’t cost a fortune but you will get an attractive and beautiful piece of jewelry. If you purchase a moissanite engagement ring, you can look for a prettier setting, and cut of the gemstone. It requires a good amount of research work before buying an engagement ring.

Read the reviews before purchase

The couples who want the classic beauty and brilliance of a diamond ring at an affordable price can easily decide to purchase a moissanite ring. You can even read the reviews of different companies who sell these engagement rings. You will get an idea and you can understand the quality of the ring. You can make your beloved feel special if you plan on something extraordinary with a good quality moissanite engagement ring.

Why you purchase moissanite engagement rings

Since moissanite engagement rings are known for its durability, hardness, and toughness you can be assured that your wife can wear the ring throughout her life. It does not get damaged easily. It is the cut of the ring that makes it so different from the others. A well-cut moissanite stone reflects the craftsmanship that is present in this work of art. Besides perfect clarity and color, you have a beautiful work of art that is handmade. It is remarkable for its brilliance and radiance.

The demand for moissanite rings for engagement

Moissanite engagement rings are so beautiful because of its qualities. It can be purchased online and even in stores. They have different shapes and cuts. Since it is a form of a synthetic diamond, it takes time for the jewelers to make a perfect piece of jewelry. When the jewels are formed in the laboratory, the cuts are made to enhance the properties of the gemstone. There are many craftsmen who are involved in making the best piece of jewelry. It requires a good amount of effort and technology to make the best piece of jewelry.


The cuts and shape of the stone make it one of the best pieces of engagement ring. There are a lot of emotions involved in choosing an engagement ring. One tries to make sure that it is the best selection that one did. You can trust the moissanite gemstones to make your engagement ring special. It is not only trustworthy as a gemstone but also a valuable piece of jewelry that you want to treasure throughout our life.