The use of adequate athletic tools is necessary for players for injury prevention. Different sports have different gear and safety equipment. Padding, outfit, mouth-guards, helmets, gloves, eye-wear and footwear must be used while playing games, whether these are test matches or routine practice. It is the responsibility of parents and coaches to check if the players have worn suitable safety guards or not. As far as the right sports tools are concerned, you can purchase the guaranteed equipment online at reasonable charges by using Sports Direct Promo Code.

Necessary Protective Equipment

  1. Helmet

For the protection of the face and head, helmets having solid exterior shells are used. These are capable to absorb shocks. For hockey, football, roller blading, cycling, equestrian, skiing and wrestling, helmets are used to avoid head injuries like skull fracture. It is observed that head injuries are more frequent in teenage players than in adults; therefore young athletes need to use helmets whether they are practicing or playing the match. Sports Direct helps customers in buying the best fitted helmet.

  1. Mouthguards

Lacrosse, Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Basket Ball and Soccer are some of the sports fields which demand mouthguard to avoid dental injury. Usually, mouthguards are available in one size and used for upper jaws; however, customized mouthguards are designed by dentists only.

  1. Footwear

Customized footwear is designed according to the position and type of sports. If players use irrelevant footwear, it can cause serious foot, back, lower limb and knee injuries. While buying the right footwear for a specific sport, get an advantage of Sports Direct Promo Code for a considerable discount.

  1. Eyewear

Above 90% sports injuries are concerned with the eyes. Special eyewear is necessary to protect the sensitive areas. Whatever is the nature of the sport, this condition applies to all athletes. Tinted and clear goggles as well as sunglasses are available, so shop the first-rate eyewear that fits on your face and give required protection.

  1. Safety Guards & Pads

In various sports activities such as lacrosse, hockey and football, safety equipment like guards and pads are used to secure wrist, shoulder, thigh, hips, neck, chest, knee, shin and elbow. Sports Direct offers a wide range of stylish safety tools in various designs and colors.

As far as activities like skateboarding and inline skating are concerned, elbow, wrist and knee safety guards are used as standard tools. These are made up of solid plastic and help in supporting the body areas from abrasions, scrapes and serious cuts. Side by side, these safety measures reduce the effects of strain, fracture and sprain.

For snowboarding, use of wrist guards and knee pads give maximum coverage. In case of wipeout, frequently the athletes face fracture in the wrist. Sports Direct Promo Code for knee pads and wrist guards are available to purchase these supportive items at low rates.

Maintenance of Supportive Equipment

In order to use the safety equipment for long duration, it is recommended to maintain the tools by regular repairing. Even the quality products have a time span and after completion of that period, the safety tools should be thrown away. It is often seen that secondary school players are usually given worn-out, old and inappropriate tools which are generally passed from senior players to junior. These types of ill-fitted sportswear increase the chances of injuries. Instead of selecting safety material on the look and color basis, the equipment must be purchased on the basis of quality and durability. Sports Direct Promo Code is frequently uploaded on the site to please the customers. World recognized brands provide incredible discount deals and free shipping on all sportswear and safety equipment.