A bathroom remodeling will help in making a relaxing gateway to the master bathroom or provide a great impression in the minds of the guests or friends who will come to the house. The bathroom renovations are one of the best ways to increase the resale value of your home, one of the main points homeowners consider while they think to sell their home.

So, it is no surprise that bathrooms are one of the common remodeling places or areas on your property. If you plan to remodel your home, here are some of the inspirational bathroom renovation ideas you should check.

  • Expanded Shower And Enclosed Toilet

The master bathroom in your home is one of the precious and costliest additions that added some architectural angles. If you want to make it look fresh and clean, you should make an expanded shower along with an enclosed toilet. To achieve this, you should add white tiles for the shower and walls to add extra brightness to the area. You can also add patterned tiles to the floor to make the place look stylish. In this case, shower renovations are also important and look great.

  • Outdated Design To Something Outstanding

Everything in the bathroom needed repairing and replacement and replacement for the outdated design to something great and unique. The new sink in the kitchen, the new paint mirror, the artwork updates can also make a huge transformation in the room. Here, in this case, you can add the black hexagon tile behind the wall of the shower to bring a different effect.

  • Try Out The Modern Makeovers

If you have an outdated kitchen or bathroom, you can remodel the space with modern fixtures, amenities, and other appliances. It will make the bathroom look great with modern styles. The square vessel sink in the bathroom and the combination of dimensional tiles and patterned geometric tiles make the bathroom look contemporary.

  • Something Drab To Fab Design

Your old bathroom might be popular few years bck, but it now something new and unique. After so many years, it will require some upgrades. This renovation included classic white subway tile for showers, surrounding clawfoot tub, and walls. The results offer bathrooms into 21st century modern design that helps in maintaining some vintage flair.

  • The Blue Effect In The Overall Bathroom Design

The blue tile in the bathroom looks great when you use the original blue fixtures in it. But you should do some updates to make the space look great and innovative. In this case, the ceramic tiles really make a difference.

  • Plain And Muted To Fresh And Welcoming

Another important renovation that you can do in your bathroom is to change the plan design to something fresh and welcoming. This will make your bathroom look great. If you are feeling bored with your old bathroom and wants to bring back the spark and colors to the bathroom, you should renovate it in such a manner that it looks fresh.

  • Giving the stylish look

One of the important and simplest ways to remodel your bathroom is to give it a stylish look. No matter how old your bathroom space looks good, you can give it a stylish look by adding the new fixtures or tools that will make the space look great.

  • Turn The Tiny Place To A Beautiful Bathroom

If you are having a tiny bathroom in your home and want to remodel it, the best way is to renovate it to make your bathroom look bigger than normal.

  • Total transformation of the bathroom

If you want to make a total transformation of the bathroom, you should use the modern amenities, cabinets, and other items that look great. You can consult with the renovation expert who will suggest the best facilities for your kitchen.

  • From the dab to the fab design

Yes, if you have the dab design and its looks dull and boring, you can change the bathroom’s look by taking help from the renovation professionals who will turn your bathroom into something magical.

  • Turn your bathroom from blah to wonderful.

Just think that you are attending your friend’s house and found that the bathroom is not too good. This same thing can happen with your bathroom; here, you can take ideas online on bathroom renovation projects to come true.

  • Make some dramatic patterns.

Yes, the dramatic design is quite new and accepting these days. You can also include it in your bathroom. You can gather information online about the dramatic designs for your bathroom and other places in your home.

  • Include a modern shower in your bathroom

There are various types of showers available in the bathroom for renovation. You can also do the shower renovations in your bathroom. Make a separate shower area, which will look cool.

  • Wash out the contrasts

If you plan to make your bathroom, one of the most important ways is to wash out all the contrasts. The contrast looks good in your living room or the living room, but you should not use too many dramatic hues.

  • Turn everything blue

Yes, turning everything blue in your bathroom makes space look brighter and bigger than normal. You can use the blue color in the wall painting or even the fixtures that have blue tinge.

  • Adding everything up-to-date

Yes, the fixtures, appliances, and tools you are buying for the bathroom renovation should be modern. You can visit several stores and make the best decision by choosing the updated items.

  • Make the bathroom a blissful place.

If you want to make your bathroom a blissful place, do not use the items and appliances you do not require. You can keep the space simple by eliminating old stuff.

These 17 inspirational bathroom renovation hacks you can follow. Hopefully, this write up provides you with enough information and guidance. For more details, stay tuned to our blog.

On some occasions, we are forced to modify the location of our air conditioning. Moving it around and relocating requires a series of steps that a professional must always carry out in cooling your home.

Why Do We Have To Move The Air Conditioning?

In the case that we propose, the problem stems from a bad installation of the air conditioning since it was located on one side of the room, next to a wall to its right and with a beam at the top to its left, with which a part of the one room cooled down. The other one did not, because a rebound of the air produced the cold air feedback in the area of ​​the beam, the compressor stopped very often when the equipment had quickly reached the set temperature. Consequently, it is decided to reinstall the indoor unit and place it more in the wall’s center to improve performance.

Pre-Checks Before Disassembling

The first thing to do before disconnecting anything is to check the pressure and the consumption of the equipment, we connect the low-pressure gauge (BLUE) to determine the pressure at which the equipment is working, and in the process, we will know if it lacks gas or not and we place the clamp meter to determine the consumption of the compressor. In this case, both parameters were low, denoting a slight lack of gas.

Refrigerant Gas Collection

Then we proceed to collect the refrigerant gas in the outdoor unit to reuse it later when undergoing the replacement service. We close with an Allen key, the high-pressure valve, compressor outlet (the smaller of the two, the one that does not have a service outlet), and start the equipment. It should work for approximately 2 to 3 minutes 5 maximum approximately. If we have the low-pressure gauge connected, it will indicate a vacuum in the circuit so that all the gas has been collected in the high part “just like when the equipment comes from the factory.”

Dismantling Of Pipes And Wiring

1st we disconnect the 220 V AC power supply. We can then remove the covers of the gutters and carefully unscrew the nuts from the pipes to disassemble them. It is advisable to place a few taps on the rocks at the ends of the indoor and outdoor units so that no dirt and moisture enter.

We tape the two valves of the outdoor machine so that moisture does not enter them, and we disassemble the 5-wire wiring between units.


Powdery mildew, aphids, and snails make life difficult for gardeners. But you can fight most pests or diseases naturally with simple home remedies – or life hacks – without resorting to the chemical club. In this way, you protect not only your wallet but also the environment, you should as well call for inspections from time to time

  1. Soap Or Coffee Against Aphids

Aphids like to attack ornamental and valuable plants and are among the most common pests in this country. But fighting them is very easy.

Mix two teaspoons of soft soap (available from drugstores) with one liter of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the affected areas with it – repeat from time to time if necessary. A strong coffee not only combats tiredness in the morning it also helps against nasty aphids. Mix a strong coffee with a few drops of washing-up liquid and spray the plants with it.

  1. Milk Against Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that causes a lot of trouble for the affected plants. If a plant is infected, the affected areas, such as the leaves, must be removed immediately. As a rule, they can no longer be saved. The rest of the plant, however, does. All you need is a treatment with milk which can help in pest prevention. Mix some fresh cow’s milk in a ratio of 1: 8 with water and spray the affected plant with it. Repeat the process regularly.

  1. Coconut Oil Against Ticks

Those who work a lot in the garden should protect themselves from ticks. A natural defense agent is coconut oil, which you can find in the supermarket. Rub it into your body, and you can start working. A positive side effect: the oil cares for the skin at the same time.

  1. Sawdust against snails

If you want to protect your plants from snails, you can easily use sawdust. Sprinkle these around the plant. As a rule, the snails will not cross the “barrier.”

Most of us prefer to work from home (ทำงาน ที่ บ้าน, which is the term in Thai) in half of the days instead of taking a sudden sick leave or giving certain other excuses. However, we never really imagined that we would spend almost a whole year, staying locked in our houses as a result of the outbreak of a pandemic. 

While many started to love this idea of work from home in the initial days, most of us got tired and sulky because of not being able to walk out according to our wish. And as we don’t know yet when things are going to get back to normal, let us go through some ways to improve your home office.

Choose The Right Area Cautiously

If you are living with your kids and spouse or other roommates, make sure to have some privacy. Moreover, a quiet place is extremely needed for working dedicatedly. 

And there are several perks of living in a condo. You can easily manage to shift to a room that will let you work peacefully away from the hustle of the other members of the house. You can also choose to close the door of your room while working as it will reduce the external noise highly.

Consider Your Needs

Depending on your profession, the needs of your office need to be sorted out accordingly. If you are working in an IT company or if you need to use a laptop or computer, it is ideal to use a small desk for placing your device on that. 

Whereas if you are a graphical designer or consultant, you are going to need a much longer desk as you need an additional area for working freely. Sort out your needs first as to give your best, you do need to access all the needed resources. 

Keep Aside The Electronic Gadgets Like Smartphones And Tablets At The Time Of Working

We tend to get distracted easily when we are not under someone’s constant supervision. And hence, you need to take care of your gadgets in a proper way so that you don’t end up wasting your crucial working hours doing nothing. 

Keep the smartphones and other devices out of your room. Even though we tend to make certain calls while working. But make it a habit to take small breaks and make all the necessary calls at that span. In that way, your work schedule won’t get hampered in any way. 


You can have huge freedom while working from home which you don’t seem to get when you are working in the office. Hence, manage your time well and make sure to work and enjoy your free time thoroughly!

Ground granulated blastfurnace slag (GGBS) is a hydraulic binder, i.e. a cement, which has actually been recognized as well as made use of for 150 years. It boosts the high quality as well as resilience of concrete, as well as its manufacturing is basically CO2-free. Its several benefits in creating lasting, high-grade concrete continue to be underappreciated as well as underused.

In a progressively resource-constrained as well as ecologically aware globe, all that will transform.

Top quality, lasting concrete
Blastfurnaces generate pig iron, along with a slag byproduct: a securely managed as well as steady product with the exact same components, though in various percentages, to typical cement. If the slag is glazed by quick quenching as it originates from the blastfurnace, its cementitious high qualities are maintained.

Dried out and also ground to a great powder, GGBS can be made use of to make top quality, lasting concrete. To guarantee its activation, ggbfs suppliers in saudiarabia is usually utilized with regular cement. It will usually change 30 – 70% of cement on an equivalent weight basis.

Decrease in CARBON DIOXIDE exhausts
The manufacture of typical cement (CEM I of EN 197) leads to the discharge of 930 kg of CO2/t of cement (British Cement Organization, 2009): around 50% from decarbonation of the sedimentary rock basic material (procedure exhausts), 40% from nonrenewable fuel source usage, as well as 10% from producing the power utilized while doing so.

GGBS manufacture commonly launches 35 kg of CO2/t of GGBS: less than 4% of the carbon impact of regular cement.

Solar reflectance
Concrete made with GGBS will certainly have a high solar reflectance: research studies in the United States have actually revealed rises of 20% in representation of sunshine by concrete with GGBS. This will certainly lower the “warm island” impact in metropolitan growths, along with having various other valuable impacts (minimized demand for man-made illumination in the evening, much safer roadways from much better presence). Dramatically, the mirrored sunshine is not infrared radiation, therefore will certainly not be caught by the pollution of the planet’s environment.

Resilience is vital to the lengthy life span of concrete In practice, concrete will certainly weaken with time. The aspects driving this damage can be inner (e.g. alkali-silica response) or as a result of outside hostile atmospheres (e.g. sulfate assault, or the results of chlorides on strengthened concrete).

GGBS considerably boosts the capacity of concrete to stand up to wear and tear from all significant dangers to lengthy life span. Needing using GGBS is currently developed ideal method where lengthy life span need to be accomplished, also in one of the most hostile atmospheres. GGBS concrete will certainly also offer much better fire resistance.

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GGBS in concrete.
GGBS can be made use of in concrete as GGBS or as CEM IIIs (mixes of cement and also GGBS permitted under EN 197). There is no technological basis under which to choose one alternative or the various other: as soon as in concrete, the GGBS acts the exact same, irrespective of whether or not it was formerly blended with cement.

Utilizing GGBS has 2 benefits over CEM IIIs: the concrete maker can optimize the percentage of GGBS according to the technical/environmental demands to be fulfilled; as well as GGBS delivered straight to the concrete plant will certainly have reduced personified CARBON DIOXIDE (staying clear of power usage in added transportation to/from the cement plant as well as mixing in a cement plant). For the most affordable personified CARBON DIOXIDE, GGBS usage is to be favored.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to hardwood floors then your obvious choice is going to be vinyl plank flooring or some kind of vinyl flooring that can be installed very easily.  Another very nice thing about vinyl plank flooring is that it is specifically designed and looks almost like real hardwood flooring.

Vinyl is, as a matter of fact, more resistant to water as compared to hardwood or even bamboo. Also, for vinyl plank flooring installation you need not look for any specialized installer from the website of Flooring Domain, as they are quite easy to install.

Vinyl plank flooring that you can find in various hardware stores these days is very different and you need not stick to the same old geometrical designs that were popular during yesteryears. Now you can choose vinyl flooring material with a look of real hardwood that can add a new dimension to your renovation or remodelling project.

All luxury vinyl flooring planks may not be equal and there is lots of difference between the construction style of major manufacturers. Backing systems may vary from brand to brand. Few luxury wood vinyl plank floors will have residential warranties and a few others have a commercial warranty too.

Few other differences include whether the vinyl plank is waterproof or water-resistant? Or whether the plank is UV stabilized to prevent fading? Also, a few major manufacturers even certify whether their luxury vinyl will be hypo-allergenic.

You may also try to compare the thickness of the vinyl as a relative concept for durability. The entry-level products start at about 2 mil thickness that may also extend up to 6 mils. However, the key thing to consider here is that not all kinds of luxury vinyl planks are built almost the same.

Usually, installing the vinyl plank system will take a much shorter time as compared to using any real wood planks. You will find that installing this kind of flooring can be completed within a few hours rather than several days, particularly if you have never done the installation of real wood flooring before.

Also, they being waterproof, so it will be a great solution for your kitchen or bathroom and can offer a real wood look, by reducing the vinyl flooring installation cost by 50% and without any tensions of the floor getting damaged through water getting into it.

Unlike more traditional types of vinyl flooring like sheets or tiles, this style will come in long rectangular pieces that look almost like any other type of wood plank. You must remember that they are not available with the same thickness that you generally will find with hardwood or bamboo flooring.

That is because it generally comes in planks instead of squares or any other geometrical shapes. This can help in adding to the illusion that you have got real wood flooring. Each plank size is usually 3” wide by 36” long and if you try to install it in a staggered way then you will find that it will result in an even better look of any wood plank flooring.


Acrylic prints for digital images have gained popularity over the recent years. Instead of the traditional canvas, art enthusiasts are printing their images on this amazing medium to give life to those images. However, there still exist a lot of queries regarding the process of printing images on acrylic, some of which have been resolved in this post. Scroll on to know!

Can the acrylic prints last for decades at stretch?

As the acrylic prints are quite recent, it wouldn’t be right to claim that high regarding their longevity. But yes, if properly maintained, they are supposed to last for generations because of their scratch-resistance and UV-protection features. This apart, brands like Big Acrylic photo prints offer customized features to increase the durability of your pictures. 

What’s the difference between face-mounting and direct-acrylic printing?

The face-mounting process involves printing the image on a photo paper first and then putting it between two acrylic sheets, tightly pressed together. Direct acrylic printing, however, involves applying the print directly on the acrylic sheet. Face-mounts are the more popular option for photo enthusiasts, as it does complete justice to the quality of the images. 

Is it possible to get large acrylic prints?

Yes, it’s quite possible, depending on the capacity of the printer being used. Some of them can produce photos as large as 120/60 inches, which most of them can give you photos of 48/96 or 60/96 inches dimensions. 

Is there anything called non-glare acrylic prints?

Yes! As acrylic prints are naturally shiny and reflective, some companies go the extra mile to apply an anti-reflective coating on the pictures to reduce glare. Pictures to be displayed in the exhibitions or on the walls of a brightly-lit room should get this additional coating to prevent excessive glaring. 

How to clean the acrylic printed pictures?

You should use a non-abrasive cleaner to wipe the front of the acrylic. However, avoid touching the back, where the photo is printed to prevent further complications. Companied to canvas, acrylic is pretty easier to clean and maintain. 

Is Acrylic printing expensive?

Compared to canvas, yes, but the costs depend on a lot of factors, which the professionals can decide best. If you want to do justice to your photos, you should find a reliable photo printing lab that offers customized services. Talk to them about your budget limits, and they will be able to provide you with the right solution. 

Acrylic prints can give your photos the beauty and dignity they deserve. If aesthetics is a big factor for you, opt for this medium to print your exquisite photos. 


The perfect wall tile provides a water-resistant surface that is both durable and stylish. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, shower walls, and backsplashes. Ceramique au Sommet Laval is an affordable alternative to bare walls or natural stone. If you are buying new tiles for your walls, use this guide to achieve your purchase goals:

What Makes Wall Tiles Different from Floor Tiles

Because wall tiles are thin and light, they add less weight to the wall and are easy to install. Also, they can feature more details textures and decorative patterns. On the other hand, floor tiles are thicker and sturdier since they have to hold up to foot traffic. Usually, they do not have lots of detailed texture.

The thinness of wall tiles makes them a bad option for flooring. But, some floor tiles can be used for walls, depending on the weight, size, and the instructions of the manufacturer. Make sure to consult a professional before you install floor tile on your walls. There are many factors to take into account to determine how flooring tile will work as a wall treatment.

Kinds of Wall Tiles

Tiles are not the same and there are major differences between ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. One of these types may be a better fit for your project than others.

  • Ceramic tile. This tile is composed of a clay and water mixture. Such mixture is shaped into tiles before dried and fired at high temperatures inside a kiln. A lot of ceramic tiles are glazed to make them waterproof. But, if you want a more natural look, choose unglazed ceramics.
  • Porcelain tile. This type of tile is more durable and dense than ceramic. Because it is a type of ceramic, it is also made from a mixture of clay and water. Often, the clay is composed of quartz, kaolin, and feldspar. Porcelain is denser than ceramic clays.
  • Natural stone. This tile creates a luxury look that makes it a famous choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Limestone, granite, and travertine are examples of natural stone.

How Tiles are Made

Understanding how a tile is made can help determine if it is a good fit for your application. The majority of tiles are composed of two layers called bisque and glaze. The bisque is the tile’s body and the thicker layer while the glaze is the top of the tile where the colour sits. After forming and drying the tile, a high-tech inkjet printer will add the desired colours and patterns. Also, it is glazed to protect the image from wear and tear.

After purchase, customers within the Bunsen Air are really delighted while using the excellent service they’ve received in addition for that affordable cost in the machine.

The all-inclusive costs-savings are significant obtaining a Bunsen. Customers are thrilled once they see how much money they’re saving monthly.

The groundbreaking technology lets customers make the most for the least amount of cash.

Causes of selecting the Bunsen

Buyers are passionate to uncover their heat pumps aren’t simply affordable, however that lots of studies have gone into making them the very best solar hot water systems available on the market. Bunsen has spent twelve years developing their product, transporting out current research, and getting innovators in their field. A lot of the advances we have observed within this method, are lower for that relentless effort and work in the researchers.

The pioneering and steady technology provided with the Bunsen Air, also enables website hosting modifications in installation plus general call time electric technology. You simply need a control button click.

The quantity of research behind a Bunsen Air electric leaves consumers feeling happy with their purchase.

Buyers are thrilled once they identify the amount money they’re saving instead of dealing with pay for it to energy companies. In daily existence, should you turn the faucet on, you’ll rarely leave just the hot water running. Because we usually set our hot water heaters excessive the temperature it can make is really hot to make use of. Reducing the target temperature within the Bunsen getting a several levels, can save money while stopping accidental burns.

Are companies taking enough benefit of the Bunsen?

Adding a Bunsen Air electric to new developments may help in their sales, by searching into making the home more pleasing to purchasers thinking about lowering outstanding ability consumption and comfort and reliability.

Affordable and ECO smart hot water could be a reality while using the Bunsen. Compared to similar heat pumps, they far exceed hot water production amounts. In situation your house or office requires hot water regularly plus enough quantity to satisfy needs, the Bunsen is one method to make certain that folks needs are met.

In situation your tepid to warm water heater can get older, it seems sensible to buy an alternate right before runing from hot water, or worse… awaken ankle-inside it!

Keep in mind within the forces on hand, and the quantity of hot water you anticipate to make use of. Only a few type of energy works together each and every type of heating appliance plus a handful of work slower than the others. Tanks use solar, electricity, coal and oil (natural or lp) but tankless units just use electricity and gas sources. Heat pumps only use electricity.

Estimate the amount hot water all your family people uses during peak hrs to check out a heater through an initial hour rating (FHR) that suits your demand. An authorized plumber could be the finest person for it calculation and assist you in selecting the most effective size.

Hot water can similar to 25% of a person’s bill, so ensure to pick an electric efficient heating appliance.

Storage tank

This can be really the commonest in residential applications, heating and storing hot water until needed. Should you open a faucet, the released hot water is substituted with incoming cold water, that’s heated and stored again in the temperature controlled with a couple of thermostats within the tank.

Storage tanks are very apparent, maintenance-free and comparatively reasonable for setup – speculate of constant reheating they normally use energy 24/7 even though you aren’t running any hot water. Electrically heated tanks may be engrossed inside an insulating blanket towards saving energy, whilst not gas or oil-fired tanks.


Tankless tepid to warm water heaters, also known as “as needed” heaters, heat water with no storage tank, using energy only if needed – as opposed to maintaining a aquarium of hot water. Sometimes individual units operate in plenty of locations in the house, however, many newer homes obtain one high-output tankless heater to provide hot water using the home.

Because of the storage volume of hot water tanks, along with the high-output nature up to, are generally generally helpful for heating a house within-floor radiant systems or utilizing a radiator coil within the forced-air warming.

Electric (hybrid)

Electric tepid to warm water heaters aren’t directly heated. They normally use electricity to function heat in mid-air or possibly the floor for that water tank, using less energy than traditional tepid to warm water heaters.

You can utilize a standalone electric tepid to warm water heater or combine your tepid to warm water heater together with your ac system, having a feeling or ground source electric. Although installation prices is bigger, electric tepid to warm water heaters are less pricey to operate inside the extended run.


Solar collectors allows you to harness solar energy and tepid to warm water heater almost free of charge! Solar tepid to warm water heaters use a primary tank for storing pre-heated water of all time found in an average hot water tank, operating on electricity, gas or oil.

Solar collectors may be placed on roofs or on is venture out. Choose a much better quality, energy-efficient model that will stay longer and cut back.