Playpens come in various forms and varieties. They are available with features you can pick from. Also, you can pick the design, dimensions, and model of the playpen, depending on the size of your available space. If you are on the market to buy a new playpen for your little one, here are some factors you must think about:

Duration of Use

How long will you be using the playpen before you get a new one? Playpens can also be used outdoors and when you travel no matter the season. Playpens can be a safe place for your child to play in.

Your Baby’s Weight and Height

You can pick a playpen based on your child’s weight. A portable playpens for babies can have a wall built-up or with a flooring area. A playpen with flooring has a lower weight limit compared to one that can be used even if your baby grows into a toddler. Also, ensure you pick a playpen that is taller than your baby’s height.


In terms of playpens, you will need to prioritize the material they are made of. Wooden playpens are quite common because they are organic and don’t pose health hazards. But, you can also get a playpen made in metal and fabric.


A rectangular-shaped playpen is the most preferred option by many parents. Other famous options include hexagonal and octagonal playpens. No matter the dimensions, make sure you pick one with plenty of ventilation and requires lesser storage space.

Detachable Items

Playpens can come with a detachable lid, canopy, and wheels that can be moved easily and are portable. A playpen with a canopy can keep your baby protected against the sun and weather in the outdoors. If you opt for a playpen with detachable lid, you can be sure your baby is locked inside the playpen. A playpen with wheels is easy to move around.