Now your baby is able to take turns and soon she will be moving here and there. This would be a happy moment for parents but it comes with certain challenges. Babies are innocent and they are still learning things. This is why suggests parents to take high care and bring some baby safety materials with Mothercare Code. Why baby safety materials are important? Actually, it is hard for moms to run after the babies all the time. They have to do certain works such as cooking, stitching or house cleaning. Meanwhile, the babies may create trouble by doing something wrong they even don’t know.

Focus on Wire Management:

This must be the first step in baby safety list. How many wires are there in your home? There must be bundles of wires all around the home. TV lounge is the most specific place where wires would be present. These electric wires are risky for babies. The young ones may tangle with wires or even chew them. Focus on modern wire management solutions in order to make your home a free moving place for the kids.

Fire Safety Management:

Sensible homeowners always use fire safety systems at home. The Mothercare Code offers discounts on certain fire safety materials such as monitors, indicators and sensors. Install the best fire management system at home in order to keep the babies and other family members safe.

Button Battery Management:

Batteries are tiny but these are very dangerous. Remember, the batteries, whether small or big, store electricity. There are several sockets and buttons on the control panels. These sockets and buttons are dangerous if someone touches them. The babies and kids may accidently touch a battery resulting in electric shock. It is good to cover the wires and sockets with some plastic covers so no one will be able to touch them.

Crib Safety Management:

No doubt, crib is a safest place for your baby but it may cause certain threats. For example, cribs having wide vertical slats are dangerous places where babies may insert their heads. Most babies try to cross the crib from these openings. Carefully choose the crib. Make sure that these vertical openings are not wide enough to let your young one insert the head. Shop the best cribs having certified safety systems with Mothercare Code. Parents can also use crib bumpers for this purpose.

Never Leave Babies Alone:

Sensible parents can’t imagine leaving their babies alone for longer. Most moms may ignore the baby for a few minutes but it is really risky. Try to keep them in your eyes. You can use the motion sensors in order to prevent the quick entry to prohibited areas. For example, the motion sensor will alarm if a baby tries to enter in bathroom, storeroom or garage.

Sun Protection for Little Ones:

You have covered almost all important points. Focus on the UV rays that may damage the soft skin of babies. Use high quality SPF formulas favorable for baby skin. This protects the baby’s skin from UV rays and more.


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