The main topic which we are covering in this article is about Chicago Cubs’ final score in the season. But we are also going to be talking about MLB and also its international plays.

What is MLB’s history?

MLB is called Major League Baseball, which was made in the year 1903. The original plan to creating MLB was created in the year 1867 but was not given the authorization. So they decided to wait more and then test out their luck later.

Then in the year 1903, they created MLB by merging NL and AL. NL is the National League, and AL is the American League of teams. Both the leagues have 15 teams each, and when combined in MLB, it has 30 teams.

MLB was created so that they can easily take tournaments and recruit new players. But in the early 90s, there were not many people who were willing to play baseball. After its creation, MLB’s first tournament was held in the year 1903. They wanted to test out and see which team will win, either from the NL or the AL. This would prove to each other the best team and also would help the teams practice.

After the creation of MLB, the smaller league that is Baseball association had made a complaint. They had gone to the court and complained about MLB copying their idea and thinking. But the Supreme Court judge declared that baseball is not a commerce game, so anyone can make anything. After this, they had legalized MLB to be the tournament holder, and they became popular.

MLB’s international plays

Since the year 1968, the all-stars team would go to Japan to face off against the Japan all-stars team. The name of the following game and season was called MLB Japan all-stars series. Playing exhibition or friendly game against the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) was the best thing. This is because they can face each other in the baseball game to see which countries team are strong.

Also, they use this method as a kind of training for the player of the MLB for the season. They held different plays like in 2008. They kept an MLB China series where they faced off against China.

Chicago Cubs will finish below 500 points

This was a prediction made by a person on the MLB prediction markets, after which it got too famous. People from the market started voting on a similar topic and wanted to see who wins the prediction. The person who made this prediction was a Chicago Cubs fan, and he knew that there is no winning for them.

According to their performance and score, it was final that they would finish last. That too last with points below 500 because they did not have a good team. Many veterans like Jon Lester, Kyle Schwarber, and Jason Kipnis all left the Cubs team in early 2000. If it was not for Kyle Hendricks and Yu Darvish, the Cubs would have lost the 2020 season much early.

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