At the moment, China’s non-ferrous metal information mill undergoing unparalleled changes. Beneath the atmosphere of national ecological atmosphere protection, Forever has elevated the technical equipment updating and environmental protection investment of steel bar hardening and tempering furnace, which has promoted result-oriented changes and trends in induction heating industry.

Inside the heat treatment industry of steel bar, Forever machine embodies the development of heat efficiency of heating equipment combined with the control of process parameters inside the whole production line. We make medium frequency induction heating of thyristor and IGBT ultra-audio frequency induction heating power since the core, adopt the closed-loop of quenching tempering temperature combined with the closed-loop of steel bar tension through P LC centralized control, complete the process control of the system to be able to attain the high quality inside the system, high quality products and consistency of performance.

Your application fields of steel bar heat treatment furnace are metallurgy, mining, automobile, casting, metal processing, mechanical manufacturing and a lot of other industries. Forever might be a leading manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment in China. It will make high quality equipment when using the least pricey cost.

All power inside the heat treatment and quenching production kind of Forever furnace has local and handheld handheldhandheldhandheld remote control functions. The double closed-loop characteristics of current and medium current are adopted to make certain the quenching and tempering temperature does not change with exterior factors (for instance inlet current, load impedance, etc.).

The induction heating and tempering equipment for steel bar is continuous and uninterrupted working mode. PLC and touchscreen are employed inside the control of the whole production line. Frequency conversion may be used within the transmission to handle entire production line. Rather from the conventional slip motor and Electricity speed regulation, the control precision is high, the adjustment range is wide and the procedure is more stable.

Medium frequency induction heating can be utilized heating way of getting heat treatment inside the quenching machines. It isn’t pollution for your atmosphere, safety, less oxide scale and periodic cost. It ensures that the job surface is heated evenly while heat treatment, combined with the work surface does not need straightening machine after searching within the roller table, thus lowering the cost. The job surface is quickly and evenly quenched, combined with the induction heating coil features a extended service existence.

Forever induction heat treatment furnace popular features of heating top quality, intelligent automation, safety and environmental protection, economical in many industries promote the eco-friendly growth of non-ferrous metals, identified by almost all users fitness center abroad. Forever will unswervingly make road of eco-friendly and periodic carbon cyclic development, and may open an entirely new situation of non-ferrous metal recycling industry making new contributions to advertise regarding ecological civilization and get sustainable social and economic increase in China.