Dog owners know it well that the flat-faced, cute little Frenchie has a lot of issues and needs constant attention. They might be adorable but taking care of them is a huge responsibility. They not only need their human owner’s constant attention but also veterinary care as well. They end up being more expensive than they are actually bought for, yet they are just irresistible and lovable puppies.

Need proper care

Owners of French bulldog need to follow a strict guide to take proper care of them. It is much better to consult your doctor if your Frenchie dog has any specific schedule to be followed, or else, if they are like the other French dogs, a simple guide will be enough for them.


Eating is one of the most important parts of life. It is important for survival and being healthy. Just like human beings, your Frenchie also needs two proper meals in a balanced quantity, neither too much, nor too little. Being small, they generally need one to one and a half cups of food depending on their age, metabolism, and activity.


Just like their human counterparts, even bulldogs need proper grooming be it regular bathing or grooming their coat on a weekly basis. Their coat is soft and thin and shiny, yet it needs proper grooming on a weekly basis. They shed as much hair as dogs with long hairs. Brushing their coat, once or twice a week will ensure that their coat is healthy and shiny.

Take care

Their ears need to be cleaned on a regular basis with a damp clean cloth, avoid using cotton swabs. Make sure to keep their wrinkles dry because if kept wet, it might lead to infections. They are known for their habit of splitting and tearing, the only way to stop them from spoiling your expensive furniture is to keep their nails trimmed and short. Maintain their nails on a regular basis.

Veterinary attention

Apart from these, it is very important to keep them under constant medical care as they are easily immune to diseases and might face distress.  They suffer from diseases like Hip Dysplasia, allergies, and Von Willebrand’s disease.


Adopting a Frenchie dog might be exciting but, it does call for a lot of patience and care from the owner. It is advised to adopt a bulldog only if the owner is willing to take up all the responsibilities that come with it.


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