There has been a rise in the demand for cannabis and CBD derived products. Also, a lot of newly developed CBD products are available in the market. Consumers across the world have raised questions regarding their usage and credibility. A lot of pregnant women especially have enquired is CBD safe to use during pregnancy? A comprehensive study related to this has been provided below. 

The Effects Of Cannabidiol And CBD Derived Products During Pregnancy 

Women are strongly advised to avoid consumption of cannabidiol, marijuana, and THC products during pregnancy at any stage or after delivery as long as they breastfeed their babies. They pose serious threats not only to your health but also to your child’s health. 

Products derived from CBD, THC, or marijuana also are equally harmful. Consumption of CBD and marijuana can affect the development of the fetal brain as THC can enter the body of the fetus through the mother’s bloodstream thereby preventing the development of the fetal brain. Additionally, CBD and marijuana consumption might result in the birth of a child with low birth weight. Studies have also found that they pose an increased risk of potential stillbirth and premature birth. 

If you breastfeed your child after delivery, don’t consume THC because your breast milk would contain some amount of it for 6 days. Keep this in mind when you are taking THC. If THC enters the body of your newborn child, it would seriously interfere with your child’s brain development, causing hyperactivity, other long term consequences, and poor cognitive functions. Also, keep in mind that you are not allowed to smoke marijuana or tobacco products around a baby. Make sure no one else does that as well. 

When pregnant, if you feel like trying CBD or any such products, consult your doctor. 

Your doctor would enlighten you on the side effects and consequences of consuming higher levels of CBD. Hence, consume as per the dosages recommended. 



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