Acrylic prints for digital images have gained popularity over the recent years. Instead of the traditional canvas, art enthusiasts are printing their images on this amazing medium to give life to those images. However, there still exist a lot of queries regarding the process of printing images on acrylic, some of which have been resolved in this post. Scroll on to know!

Can the acrylic prints last for decades at stretch?

As the acrylic prints are quite recent, it wouldn’t be right to claim that high regarding their longevity. But yes, if properly maintained, they are supposed to last for generations because of their scratch-resistance and UV-protection features. This apart, brands like Big Acrylic photo prints offer customized features to increase the durability of your pictures. 

What’s the difference between face-mounting and direct-acrylic printing?

The face-mounting process involves printing the image on a photo paper first and then putting it between two acrylic sheets, tightly pressed together. Direct acrylic printing, however, involves applying the print directly on the acrylic sheet. Face-mounts are the more popular option for photo enthusiasts, as it does complete justice to the quality of the images. 

Is it possible to get large acrylic prints?

Yes, it’s quite possible, depending on the capacity of the printer being used. Some of them can produce photos as large as 120/60 inches, which most of them can give you photos of 48/96 or 60/96 inches dimensions. 

Is there anything called non-glare acrylic prints?

Yes! As acrylic prints are naturally shiny and reflective, some companies go the extra mile to apply an anti-reflective coating on the pictures to reduce glare. Pictures to be displayed in the exhibitions or on the walls of a brightly-lit room should get this additional coating to prevent excessive glaring. 

How to clean the acrylic printed pictures?

You should use a non-abrasive cleaner to wipe the front of the acrylic. However, avoid touching the back, where the photo is printed to prevent further complications. Companied to canvas, acrylic is pretty easier to clean and maintain. 

Is Acrylic printing expensive?

Compared to canvas, yes, but the costs depend on a lot of factors, which the professionals can decide best. If you want to do justice to your photos, you should find a reliable photo printing lab that offers customized services. Talk to them about your budget limits, and they will be able to provide you with the right solution. 

Acrylic prints can give your photos the beauty and dignity they deserve. If aesthetics is a big factor for you, opt for this medium to print your exquisite photos. 



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