Do you wish to invest in the Dada stock in this current situation? Are you interested in getting the details for buying or selling the Nasdaq dada at stock? Then you are in the right place to search for the result. The company Dada is one of the online grocery shops in China. It is also looking forward to increasing the size of the U.S. IPO by more than a quarter. They are planning to raise over 100 million USD from their IPO. It has happened because the company is one of the leading delivery platforms by the number of orders in China. Yes, they are planning to go public in the U.S. 

About the company 

Dada Nexus is one of the platforms which is delivering the orderings from supermarkets online. The company is formed by JD Daojia. They are using two platforms in order to deliver a wide range of products such as goods from the convenience stores as well as from supermarkets. They are also delivering fresh vegetables, fruits, and drugs to the people in China. 

We all know that the world is suffering from coronavirus pandemic, and it results in people all over the world to stay in their homes. Yes, they are ordering all the goods from essential things to non-essential things online. It becomes one of the advantages, and the firm is doing well regardless of the impact of the coronavirus. The company has said that the active customers of them are increased to 11.9 million in the first three months of the current year. It is one of the greatest increases of 68% a year ago. So, the company is yet turning to a profitable one when compared to the last year. 

A very recognizable name 

The Nasdaq dada is going up from the past three months, and it is, even more, raising after the familiar player announces him as a significant shareholder. This news alone will not be able to move the stock high. But most of the Chinese companies are under increased analysis these days. Improving the shareholder might give confidence to the investors of the business of Dada Nexus. 

The company Walmart owns 10.7 percent of the Nasdaq dada. The company is already partners with them in China, and it is not a surprise that Walmart is a part-owner of the Dada company. In the current year, china based companies will be trading on the stock exchanges of the U.S. that have come under increased analysis. It is one of the strong recommendations that the investors can have confidence in the legitimacy of the Dada Nexus. Finally you can find penny stocks to buy from some stock sites. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


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