July 2020


Dog owners know it well that the flat-faced, cute little Frenchie has a lot of issues and needs constant attention. They might be adorable but taking care of them is a huge responsibility. They not only need their human owner’s constant attention but also veterinary care as well. They end up being more expensive than they are actually bought for, yet they are just irresistible and lovable puppies.

Need proper care

Owners of French bulldog need to follow a strict guide to take proper care of them. It is much better to consult your doctor if your Frenchie dog has any specific schedule to be followed, or else, if they are like the other French dogs, a simple guide will be enough for them.


Eating is one of the most important parts of life. It is important for survival and being healthy. Just like human beings, your Frenchie also needs two proper meals in a balanced quantity, neither too much, nor too little. Being small, they generally need one to one and a half cups of food depending on their age, metabolism, and activity.


Just like their human counterparts, even bulldogs need proper grooming be it regular bathing or grooming their coat on a weekly basis. Their coat is soft and thin and shiny, yet it needs proper grooming on a weekly basis. They shed as much hair as dogs with long hairs. Brushing their coat, once or twice a week will ensure that their coat is healthy and shiny.

Take care

Their ears need to be cleaned on a regular basis with a damp clean cloth, avoid using cotton swabs. Make sure to keep their wrinkles dry because if kept wet, it might lead to infections. They are known for their habit of splitting and tearing, the only way to stop them from spoiling your expensive furniture is to keep their nails trimmed and short. Maintain their nails on a regular basis.

Veterinary attention

Apart from these, it is very important to keep them under constant medical care as they are easily immune to diseases and might face distress.  They suffer from diseases like Hip Dysplasia, allergies, and Von Willebrand’s disease.


Adopting a Frenchie dog might be exciting but, it does call for a lot of patience and care from the owner. It is advised to adopt a bulldog only if the owner is willing to take up all the responsibilities that come with it.

The internet is not a safe place for kids and most parents already know that. To ensure kids’ online safety, parents have resorted to mobile spy apps and other parental control apps so they can keep their kids away from online dangers. 

You can block inappropriate sites, unsuitable apps, and track their calls and messages with the help of monitoring apps. But how are you going to protect your kids from the dangers in the gaming world? Most parents let their kids play online games unsupervised and that is where they go wrong. 

To protect your kids from the online gaming dangers, you need to know about the potential risks as well as ways to keep your kids safe from them. Let’s learn more about them in detail. 

Ways to Protect Your Kids from Online Gaming Dangers 

Parents can keep their kids safe from dangers in the gaming platforms by following some important tips. They are discussed as follows:

Let Games Be Age-Appropriate 

Before handing over mobile devices and gaming consoles to your kids, make sure they are age-appropriate. Most gaming consoles and mobile phones come with inbuilt parental controls. You need to enable those parental controls before allowing your kids to use them. 

There are many games on the Play Store that may not be age-appropriate for your kids. Those gaming apps can be for adults only. Therefore, make sure to check the content of the games and play them before letting your kids experience them. 

Stay Away from Gaming Friends 

You need to teach your kids to stay away from their gaming friends. Most people that play games on the gaming platforms are strangers for your kids. Hence, your kids need to stay away from them. Any participant can join the gaming platform and pretend to be someone else. Mostly sexual predators disguise in the form of kids to reach out to innocent kids on the platform. 

Kids, thinking that they are talking to kids of their age, start communicating with them on instant messaging apps and develop friendships with them. These predators can influence your kids and convince them to meet in real life. Therefore, be sure to teach your kids to never talk to strangers on the gaming platforms. 

Explore the Game’s Environment 

You should never let your kids explore the gaming platform on their own, especially if they are young. Kids can go on exploring the gaming platform and may come across online dangers. They can interact with strangers that turn out to be sexual predators or receive threatening and harmful messages from a bully. 

Therefore, it is advisable to understand the game’s environment to see whether or not it is appropriate for your kids. You also need to see what kind of players come on the platform and what sort of games are being played there. When you explore the gaming world environment and find it suitable for your kids, you can let them play without worrying about anything. 

Beware of Harmful Cartoon Characters 

Sometimes kids may play a particular game whose characters turn out to be disturbing and offensive. You need to check that cartoon character for yourself to understand whether it is suitable for your kid to play with. 

You can also look up for the source of these cartoon characters and also read reviews about them on the internet. If these cartoon characters are harmless, age-appropriate, and can be found on genuine online stores, then you can let your kids play with them. 

Talk to Your Kids About Gaming 

Kids can feel comfortable around their parents and also have conversations about gaming if you also take interest in similar games. Try to explore the gaming platform with them and see what sort of games you can play with your kids there. 

By being on the same gaming platform as your kid, you both can understand more about the game’s environment and see what is in there for the players. Also, make sure your kids trust you enough so they can come to you if they face a bad experience on the gaming platform.

Do Not Let Kids Share Personal Information

Most kids are naïve and they may share their personal information on the gaming platform. Make sure they do not reveal everything about them on such platforms because then predators may have access to their personal information. Ask your kids to never share their photos, videos, and personal information about where they live and which school they go to. 

Do Not Download Content from Games

It is easier to persuade kids to download malware content or click on links that claim to offer exciting games and new videos. Online hackers can lure kids into opening such links or making them download malware apps so they can hack their mobile devices or their home networks. 

You can spy phone of your kids by using cell phone monitoring apps to see what they have been accessing on the gaming platforms and also teach them to recognize and avoid downloading anything dangerous from the internet and the games they are playing.  


While studio apartments are practically any home with a single space, plus bathroom as well as kitchen space, they can vary from the smallest of living rooms to convertible workshops to gigantic loft apartments or condos. For our functions, a small apartment is the common strategy kind, which in the United States standards between about 500 and 600 square feet. Let’s check about the bill payments in 25 major metro areas, and how to lessen it.


  • Home heating

If your studio has wide heating radiator, then your are lucky. In most situations, your bill be included in your rent and you don’t need to pay extra for it.

If the air is forced heating from the electric heating system or hot water central heating boiler, then it is going to be a large portion of your electrical expense throughout cold weather if you stay in a chillier environment.

Few studio apartments are heated up by gas heat, even if your cooking top is. While gas heat can be a lot more efficient, the savings at this range are minimal. The average monthly bill spending is $50 per winter month for home heating; it will just originate from various expenses.

  • Air Conditioning

In a lot of the U.S., the air conditioner is used in between three as well as five months a year, as well as after that, with the exemption of major warm front, you can pick not to make use of Air Conditioning in any way and relocate the air in your house with a fan. In a studio, you will be able to cool down the whole area with one oscillating table follower.

  • Electrical power

Besides the expenses of heating and cooling, you’ll additionally probably utilize less electricity in a small apartment just as a result of having fewer digital things in operation. You have fewer lights, probably only one television as well as smaller appliances in an effective kitchen area.

  • Water

For nearly all other utilities, you’re going to pay the very same quantity no matter how large or little your house.

Whether your apartment is two-bedroom or a studio, you’ll most likely have one shower, one restroom sink, and one kitchen sink. Depending on how long you take in the shower as well as if you have a dishwashing machine, an ordinary regular monthly home water costs is around $40.

Yamaha first showcased the Cygnus Ray-ZR on the Ray-Z platform at the 2016 Auto Expo. The scooter gets the ‘Real Boy’s Scooter’ design language, which results in sharply sculpted body panels giving it a sporty look along with some snazzy graphics. It comes with a 113cc Blue Core engine that is air-cooled, four-stroke and comes with two valves, paired to a CVT gearbox. The same engine also powers the Fascino and Alpha scooters.


Packed neatly within the frame is a 113cc, single-cylinder engine that produces 7.10bhp and 8.10Nm of torque. The Yamaha Cygnus Ray ZR is BSIV-compliant.


The Ray ZR looks nothing like the Ray Z, but you can tell it’s from the same range. The scooter looks very muscular and stylish, thanks to the large front apron with its distinctive headlight flanked by sleek indicators. The side panels jut out a little, giving the scooter a sporty character, particularly with graphics alongside as well. It sports an all-black exhaust and stylish dual-tone body panels. The handlebar cowl and rear view mirrors are from the Ray Z. The ‘rising air tail’ design of the grab handle looks cool. It also boasts of black alloy wheels. The instrument cluster looks like a spider web of sort, split into different parts. It features a speedometer, fuel gauge and odometer. In terms of dimensions, the Ray ZR is 1820mm in length, 690mm in width and 1115mm in height. This engine is found on other scooters in the line-up and comes with Blue Core technology that improves combustion efficiency. The engine is very refined in the mid-range, but is initially a little slow. Opening the throttle results in a decent surge of power. The scooter can be taken up to speeds of 80kph, but cruises comfortably at 60kph. NVH levels are well contained. And there’s enough torque to tackle steep inclines. At 105kgs, the scooter feels light and nimble. The ground clearance, on the other hand, is 130mm, while the scooter has a wheelbase of 1270mm and a seat height of 775mm.


The Yamaha Cygnus Ray ZR has a fuel tank capacity of 5.2 litres. In terms of mileage, the scooter is capable of returning 62kmpl by ARAI, in BSIV guise.

Mechanical Parts

You sit quite high up on the scooter, but your feet touch the ground without any hassle. The seat, however, is a little narrow but feels nice and firm without being uncomfortable. There’s sufficient legroom on the footboard as well. The ride quality is on the stiff side, because of which the scooter handles well and loves going around corners. The grip from the tyres too, is very good. The brakes too, do a good job in bringing the scooter to a stop. Up ahead, the scooter sits on telescopic suspension, and at the rear, it gets a unit-swing setup. The Ray ZR runs on 90/100-10 tyres at the front and 90/100-10 tyres at the rear.


The scooter comes loaded with a slew of features like an analogue instrument cluster, electric start, LED tail lamp, in-built side stand, black alloy wheels, UBS and aluminium rear wing grab handle.


The Yamaha Cygnus Ray ZR is available in a variety of shades like Matte Green, Rooster Red, Armada Blue, Rally Red, Maverick Blue, Dark night, Racing Blue and Motogp Edition. Regal Matte Green is certainly a colour that is bound to be a favourite among young riders.

Prices and Variants

The Yamaha Cygnus Ray ZR is available in five variants: Cygnus Ray ZR Drum – UBS for ₹ 54,881, Cygnus Ray ZR Disc – UBS for ₹ 57,528, Cygnus Ray ZR DarkNight – UBS for ₹ 58,528, Cygnus Ray ZR Monster Energy Edition for ₹ 59,028 and Cygnus Ray ZR Street Rally – UBS for ₹ 59,528 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

There is a lot more information available on the Yamaha Cygnus Ray ZR, along with detailed reviews of the same. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming scooters, only at autoX.

\Understanding why you need to obtain money to start with is the most vital element you require to think about before obtaining funding. Obtaining money is a big financial step, and it can help you or harm you, depending upon just how you manage it.

One of the most significant loans you’ll ever get is your home mortgage. If you can pay for a large down payment as well as it’s a home that is within your means, it might imply getting funding will be easy.

If you are looking for an online loan, you can try Online Lending.

However, what concerning personal finances?

As per research, 47 percent of the consumers they checked secured a personal loan to cover costs or emergencies. Lending money for paying for things, such as medical costs, a flooded basement, or a dinged-up vehicle is never optimal, so we suggest developing an emergency situation savings initially.

That being claimed, concerning 69 percent of people don’t have S$1,000 saved for emergencies, so I comprehend why it may be a requirement, although this is a deep-rooted concern to tackle, so if you must obtain money for an emergency.

One of the most considerable portions of the people checked showed that they were taking personal lending to acquire a vehicle, 31 percent. Many individuals default to looking at auto funding, particularly, and sometimes with the dealership themselves. But a personal loan will be an excellent solution if you do it right.

If the factor you require the cash isn’t exactly an emergency, and you can wait it out a few months, or longer, do it. I highly suggest you use a tool to aid you to damage the overall cost you need into smaller, regular monthly portions. Then the budget for this more substantial expenditure. It’s a more financially-savvy transfer to save the cash of what you need.

Visit Crawfort PH, to learn more about online loans.

When it comes to online gambling it is legal in some parts of the world. It has been one of the best ways to win extra money online. It is equally important to have a note that all these online gambling involve a lot of risks and preparing yourself financially & psychologically also matters. When you are aware of all these online gaming tricks then definitely you are going to have lots of fun. You can enjoy playing your games and also make money at the same time. One of the best online gambling websites is togel Hongkong, which provides a great platform to play more exciting games. Here we are going to discuss a few tips on how to play online gambling and win a lot of money:

Be aware of the rules: Your money is at stake when you involve in Australia Casino online gambling. If you just want to have more fun and not pretty much interested to get your investment back you can give a try. Though in such cases losing won’t be real fun for you. So know the rules and regulations of the gambling website where you invest your money and start playing.

Be cautious about spending: Online gambling helps you to win a lot of real money and in the same way; there might be a risk of losing them too. So plan accordingly and allow a certain amount of money to lose in the game. When you are cautious about what you are spending, then you can have real gameplay.

Prepare Yourself: If you are planning to invest in online gambling websites, then do proper market research and be aware of the industries. Go through more online gaming websites; know their rules and regulations, their payouts, security issues, and their legacy. Apart from having fun, be aware of what you are spending and losing.

Have control of your play: You should always be aware of your playing speed if you want to enjoy the game. You should also be keen on the time that you are investing to play the games and as well the amount of money you are spending to play the game. As mentioned earlier, playing gambling has lots of risks in losing your money, so you should be prepared for facing that too.

Have more fun: When it comes to online gambling, togelHongkong is the best website that has simple games to play and have more fun. You can enjoy, play games and simultaneously win extra cash. Sometimes there is a chance to lose the game and that may not be fun at all. Hence it is equally important to strategize the game and as well as have fun too.

Bottom Line:

Keep in mind that online gambling is potentially addictive and one may lose control over what they spend and how they handle losses. Before starting your investment, learn more online gambling tips from experts and you will master the game.

If you’re a highly regarded fashion icon, What better way to advertise your brand than by wearing it yourself? Victoria Beckham is all head up high when she travels around town but instead of donning expensive brands, she opts to wear her own.

Recently, former Posh Spice was seen heading to Prada and MiuMiu shops in New York. She was in her usual stylish chic get-up – a grey checked dress, a maroon cardigan, a stunning crocodile bag (also from her collection) and a pair of elegantly square-framed sunglasses from the Victoria Beckham collection, similar in design to the timeless Wayfarer model from Ray-Ban Sunglasses. The sunglasses had grey lenses and pink frames. It was very feminine and chic – very Victoria Beckham. This style is best for women who have round and oval faces. The mother-of-four concealed her identity in this pair of oversized sunglasses as she went for her MiuMiu and Prada grabs.

Looks like music is not the only thing that Kylie Minogue and Lindsay Lohan share in common. Recently, both were seen wearing exactly the same coat. But while people mocked La Lohan for what seemed like a major coat disaster, the paparazzi can’t help but admire 43-year-old Kylie’s dressing style. She paired the same poodle coat with a pair of stunning black knee-high boots and tortoiseshell Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Her dark Wayfarers accentuated her outfit. It also fit her face shape perfectly. The Wayfayrer is best for people who have round and oval faces. This sunglass can also be worn with different types of outfits – whether casual like Kylie’s or with a little black dress at a formal event.


Hackers and cybercriminals are using varied means and methods to attack businesses. While big companies have improved their spending on cybersecurity measures and preventive steps, small businesses are particularly vulnerable. However, if you are worried about the security of your small business, there are several simple steps that can be taken to improve security. For instance, just connecting your IP cameras with Genetec could be a great step. In this post, we are sharing preventive steps to counter hackers and cybercriminals. 

  1. Invest in a bug bounty program. Contrary to popular belief, running a bug bounty program doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can engage ethical hackers to find flaws within your security perimeters. 
  2. Update all software and firmware. Manufacturers and developers are constantly trying to fix bugs and security issues in software and firmware they own, and it is important to update everything to the latest version. 
  3. Remove unwanted software and apps. Unused, old, and unwanted software and apps, especially legacy software, must be removed immediately. Ensure that your networks, resources, computers and devices only have essential software/firmware. 
  4. Update passwords. Ensure that default passwords are changed immediately, but more than that, create strong and long passwords for every device and account. Ask employees to use a password manager and encourage the use of special characters, uppercase & lowercase letters. 
  5. Use antimalware and antivirus software. Using such software can prevent and detect malware in time, and prevent a possible series of consequences related to a malware attack. Invest in the best product you can find. 
  6. Hire cybersecurity experts for employee training. Ensure that you train your employees on cybersecurity and related aspects. They should know about social engineering, common types of malware, and other ways in which hackers can attack their systems and devices. 
  7. Define BYOD policies. Eventually at some point, employees will have to use their devices to access company resources, and having a clear and defined policy for the same is critical. Always encourage the use of VPN. 
  8. Focus on access rights. Always ensure that only selected and necessary people have access to necessary applications, servers, network and devices. Access rights must be updated, changed, edited, and evaluated from time to time, and as needed. 

Lastly, stay proactive. Keep an eye on common security threats and ensure that your security measures are updated every year, to keep up with compliance needs, as well. 


Moissanite is a lab-created gemstone that looks exactly like a diamond. Many people like to use it as an alternative to a diamond ring. The brilliance of the moissanite depends on its cut and shape. Because it looks like a real diamond and it is affordable and has a great demand in the market.

Moissanite engagement rings are available online

To choose beautiful moissanite engagement rings, you need to check out the online sites. There are many websites available where you can purchase your own moissanite ring. In order to have a perfect engagement ring, you can choose a perfect setting with a perfect stone. The prices are always mentioned on the website and it depends on the weight of the gemstone. There are lots of moissanite rings you can choose from. If you have no time to shop for roaming around the jewelry store, you can easily purchase it online.

The price

All the rings are offered at a reasonable price and it is delivered at your address easily. There are no shipping charges and they even have an easy return policy. It is convenient and easy to search for it online and order it. You can compare the prices that are given on various sites. There are more unique designs and styles one can choose from through online websites.

The material

You can even get your moissanite ring to customize according to your preference. You need to mention the setting of the stone and the material. There are different materials like gold, silver, and platinum. The price of the ring depends on the type of material that you choose. For example, the platinum moissanite engagement ring is a bit costly rather than the other two.

Moissanite Engagement Rings Are The Popular Diamond Alternative You Should  Consider

Moissanite and Diamonds

The look of the ring depends on the cut of the gemstone. There are different cuts available that you can purchase according to your preference. The shape of the gemstone that you want to set on your ring will ultimately decide the whole look of your engagement ring. Many people compare the diamonds with moissanite gemstone. The diamonds are known to be the hardest gemstone.

But the moissanite gemstone can live up to the same kind of expectation. It is similarly durable and it can be used as daily wear. There are many women who prefer to wear a nice piece of jewelry on a daily basis. It is an ideal choice for them to wear moissanite rings. These stones have a greenish hue if noticed perfectly. Women love to wear different colored moissanite rings.

Piece of art

The craftsman is widely using moissanite these days to make engagement rings because of its huge demand. It has become quite popular among buyers. Besides moissanite engagement rings, there are different pieces of jewelry is like necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and other types of rings. The moissanite rings are not only tough and durable, but you can expect a range of designs and styles with the gemstone.

It can be used to almost wear it anywhere you want. The low price and the features make it a great option for most buyers to opt for it. Especially for the couples who are trying to purchase their engagement rings is undoubtedly a great option for the couples. It is an attractive piece of jewelry that all wants to purchase.

Purchasing an engagement ring for your engagement

Purchasing an engagement ring is a personal and unique experience. It is something memorable and you want to purchase the best gift for your beloved. It is something that is going to stay between the couple throughout their lives. It must be special to choose a moissanite engagement ring. It is a good decision as it won’t cost a fortune but you will get an attractive and beautiful piece of jewelry. If you purchase a moissanite engagement ring, you can look for a prettier setting, and cut of the gemstone. It requires a good amount of research work before buying an engagement ring.

Read the reviews before purchase

The couples who want the classic beauty and brilliance of a diamond ring at an affordable price can easily decide to purchase a moissanite ring. You can even read the reviews of different companies who sell these engagement rings. You will get an idea and you can understand the quality of the ring. You can make your beloved feel special if you plan on something extraordinary with a good quality moissanite engagement ring.

Why you purchase moissanite engagement rings

Since moissanite engagement rings are known for its durability, hardness, and toughness you can be assured that your wife can wear the ring throughout her life. It does not get damaged easily. It is the cut of the ring that makes it so different from the others. A well-cut moissanite stone reflects the craftsmanship that is present in this work of art. Besides perfect clarity and color, you have a beautiful work of art that is handmade. It is remarkable for its brilliance and radiance.

The demand for moissanite rings for engagement

Moissanite engagement rings are so beautiful because of its qualities. It can be purchased online and even in stores. They have different shapes and cuts. Since it is a form of a synthetic diamond, it takes time for the jewelers to make a perfect piece of jewelry. When the jewels are formed in the laboratory, the cuts are made to enhance the properties of the gemstone. There are many craftsmen who are involved in making the best piece of jewelry. It requires a good amount of effort and technology to make the best piece of jewelry.


The cuts and shape of the stone make it one of the best pieces of engagement ring. There are a lot of emotions involved in choosing an engagement ring. One tries to make sure that it is the best selection that one did. You can trust the moissanite gemstones to make your engagement ring special. It is not only trustworthy as a gemstone but also a valuable piece of jewelry that you want to treasure throughout our life.

Make The Picture looks Old, Without Using Editing Software ...

It isn’t easy to take a photograph the first time. Even professionals need to tweak and improve them. With a mobile or professional camera, you need to edit your photos. Make small touches that enhance the beauty of the composition. And for this, you do not need to have great knowledge in the matter, just have the necessary tools.

Every day smartphones have more quality in the camera. This allows us to take better photos without the need to carry a professional camera on top. Even with applications, we can edit them from the terminal itself and upload them to our social networks.

We have many applications to edit favorite photos. With these tools on our mobile, it is very easy to retouch our photos. If you prefer to do it from the computer, Photolemur, Lightroom or Gimp are the most used programs and that work best. Go to for further info.

Whether you decide to use the computer or mobile, you must take into account a series of aspects that you can modify to get special effects for photos. Take note:

  1. Noise: If old or vintage photographs are characterized by something, they are due to their imperfections; stripes, stains, etc. These effects can be achieved, and you will be able to give an older touch to the image. Also adding textures or filters can help to bring about that effect.
  2. Contrast: Pay close attention to the contrast to give an old effect. We will highlight the shadows of the image more. Also don’t forget to adjust the light level. In conventional photography, it was typical that part of the images was burned.

If you like these tips, you could start putting them into practice with your photos. And why not? Decorate the walls of your home with old or retro photos. With the photo canvases, they can be spectacular.